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Badland Buggy - quality off-road vehicle plans, plans & turnkeys


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Badland Buggy - plans, parts & kitsets

Compare our features & specifications with other buggies on the market.

Sheet Metal & Plating:
Rear Wheel Drive:
Fuel System:

The Space Frame Chassis

The cockpit is wide & has ample room for a single seat. Ample head & foot room is provided for the taller driver while the steering wheel placement can be suited to meet the individual needs of the driver.

Designed for a standard racing seat, the driver can easily slide the seating position up to 8" from front to back with a standard seat glider.

Your safety is paramount. The standard 5-point racing harness keeps the driver where he belongs - inside the rollcage & securely strapped in his seat.

Rear Drive System

The rear drive system & integral IRS has been designed to allow the home builder the most engines options of any home built buggy on the market. You can install just about any kind of belt-driven snowmobile engine, chain or belt-driven street motorcycle engine, motocross dirt bike engine, or even a race-ready 20 to 26hp engine from a leading engine manufacturer like Brigg's & Stratton, Kohler or Honda engines.

There's also tons of space in the engine compartment for a gas tank or fuel cell, liquid cooled radiator, fan, taillights, spare tire, & more! Even the braking system is integrated in the rear drive system.

Front Suspension & Steering System

Industry standard double a-arm front suspension pilots this off-road marauder. Coil-Over-Shocks mount to the lower a-arm to provide an economical yet reliable suspension system.

Only one jig to make for all eight a-arms (both front & rear) make fabrication quick & easy as we provide the details on the jig too!

The all billet aluminum rack & pinion housing is specifically designed for dune buggies. Add in the heim joint tie rods & you get an off-road ready steering system.

The Grant brand steering wheel is highly recommended for it's stylish looks, superior performance & reasonable prices. Other brand steering wheels are easily adapted.

Quality 3D Drawings

Our industry standard AutoCAD 2002 generated plans show superior detail of 3D assemblies making your construction much easier. Every part is fully checked in a 3D model before a 2D drawing is produced.

Detailed 2D parts accompanied by complete dimensions, bill of materials lists & even isometric views of sub-assemblies are our standard. Our expert CAD experience coupled with over 40 years of combined experience shows through in our fine plans.

2923mm (115")
1750mm (69")
1530mm (60 1/4")
1392mm (54 3/4") face of hubs
2300mm (90 1/2")
All Tubular Steel, square & round
Skid Plates, Metal Bonnet & Roof
Double A-Arms, Front & Rear
Coil-Over-Shocks, all four corners
Billet Aluminum Rack & Pinion
Hydraulic, Rear Disc
Single Bucket type racing seat
Four engine styles, up to 150hp
Positive Traction (2 wheel drive)
Central Driveshaft & Layshaft
Gas Tank or Fuel Cell
ATV tubeless, mud or sand
600 lbs without driver (est. dry weight)

Top View for Specifications